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Medical Billing Software
Our EMS billing software offers dynamic, proven and innovative electronic information management that will allow our clients to be on the cutting edge of EMS technology.

This comprehensive software allows us to maximize your reimbursements by providing error checking functionality on paper and electronic claims, and offers extensive reporting capabilities to track performance. It also provides seamless integration with our Field Data software.

Field Data Software
With our field data software, you will be on the cutting edge of the latest technology in the industry. It effectively and securely captures and tracks all scene and inter-facility transfer data, creating a professional medical and legal patient care report (PCR), with added emphasis on medical necessity requirements. In addition, this software will allow you to electronically transfer your PCRs to your local state reporting entity as well as allowing you to electronically transfer your PCRs for billing. Our field data software is NEMSIS Gold Compliant.

Electronic Data Storage
All provider data is backed up and stored electronically.

We provide our clients with a monthly charge, credit and aging report for the previous month.

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